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to telluride

Taking a long weekend trip to Telluride to practice yoga this weekend at the Telluride Yoga Festival.  Tons of top quality instructors descend on the mountain town for the fairly-new-to-the-scene gathering.  The ritzy mountain enclave counts Oprah, Tom Cruise, and Ralph Lauren as some of its part-time residents.  Between my down dogs I promise to work a little star intel.  Maybe Tom will take a few days in the mountains to let this whole divorce drama die down.


What the fuck is Oprah thinking?

You guys heard all the conversations about Oprah’s strategy for saving OWNTo catch you up in case you aren’t watching, and let’s face it very few of us are watching, Oprah axed Rosie’s show and laid off at least 30 people in March from the LA and NY OWN offices.She recently went on with Gayle and Charlie on the CBS morning show.  During the interview, Oprah admitted that she had made mistakes, and would have made different choices had she known then what she knows now.  She conceded they launched the network before it was ready.  She cushioned the low ratings by saying she thought people wanted to see her fail out of a sense of schadenfreude.  Oprah articulated OWN’s revised strategy as building programming popularity one evening at a time.  Oprah said the network can’t be focused on her, but that contradicts her scheduled cameos on most of the network’s new shows like Sweetie’s and Lovetown, USAOprah can’t appear on every show on the network, and I’m not sure it would matter if she did, because OWN’s content skews towards an older audience and for the most part is profoundly unexciting.  Of the four new shows Oprah picked up, which would you watch?

  • Elura and Michele Take Staten Island (about two former prosecutors/current friends who “tell it like it is”),
  • Iyanla Fix My Life (centered around author Iyanla Vanzant’s self-help advice),
  • Married to the Army: Alaska (unscripted Army Wives in the frontier), and
  • Six Little McGhees (parents vs. six babies).

Oprah presents an optimistic front, but she looks exhausted and seems to know that under the current rubric, this network isn’t ever going to reach success.  Financial analysts predict losses upwards of $140 million this year.  So why doesn’t she cut her losses and move on?  Ego?  Delusion?  Contractual obligation?  Sheer obstinacy?


Dear Oprah, OWN Sucks

Even us schadenfreuders hoped Oprah’s OWN might serve up a programming highlight or two, but we’ve generously given Ms. Winfrey more than a month to win us over, and she’s already squandered most of our patience and good will.  If Oprah’s foray into OWN proves nothing else, it illustrates that there is a huge difference between running a successful talk show and overseeing an entire network.The first of many problems with OWN is lack of original programming.  In the age of streaming, old movies ain’t gonna cut it, and reruns of Dr. Phil definitely ain’t gonna cut it.  She’d be better off showing reruns of her own show if the network needs filler.  Oprah’s so technologically out of touch she quaintly believes that we’re all going to sit down and watch an edited version of Postcards From the Edge during primetime?  Up against Jersey Shore, is she bananas?Let’s discuss the original programming that has aired so far.  Basically, it generates hostility.  The Gayle King Show is some seriously amateur shit.  King’s sloppiness only serves to highlight the rather obvious coattail-riding nepotism which landed her the position in the first place.  Next, tune into Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes and watch the production team shield Oprah from any backstage complication while simultaneously anticipating and meeting her every high-maintenance whim.  Even if you liked Oprah before, you won’t after you watch this.  Her staff gives new meaning to the term sycophant.OWN’s self-proclaimed mission is to “entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives,” but is this really the best Oprah can do?Oprah has approximately six months or less to turn things around at OWN before becoming a cautionary tale.  Some have already dubbed the venture a failure, and the ratings continue to drop, but don’t count Ms. Winfrey out just yet.Oprah, first things first, you need some appointment television, and no, your reality show definitely doesn’t count.  OWN needs an unmissable water cooler show.  Try bankrolling forward-thinking, risky artistic projects that more conservative networks reject – find OWN’s version of Mad Men, Sex and the City, or Sons of Anarchy.Despite rumors of upcoming Tatum O’Neal and Shania Twain reality shows, Oprah has yet to bring an interesting celeb-reality entry into the programming mix.  If she knew anything, she’d give Nicki Minaj her own show.OWN’s definitely squandered an opportunity on cornering the healthy lifestyle angle.  How about a vegetarian cooking show?  We all know you have Kathy Freston on speed dial.  What about giving Michael Pollan a camera and letting him explore where our food comes from?Most importantly, where the fuck is the fashion, beauty, and interior design?Come on Oprah, we all expect more of you.  Time is running out for you to salvage this disaster.  Start by cutting Gayle a severance package.

Oprah and Whoopi Bury the Hatchet?

Whoopi slipped a quiet bombshell into this morning’s View.  Apparently, Oprah has invited Whoopi on her show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Color Purple.  Guess Oprah’s finally gotten over that Lonesome Rhodes comment…

Tuesday’s Tarot

With the Wheel of Fortune comes good luck, abundance, joy, and rise.  Oprah says there is no such thing as luck.  She believes luck is the meeting of preparation and opportunity.  Whether you believe in luck or not, this card symbolizes a lightening strike of serendipity.  The Wheel of Fortune brings change and evolution by serving as a spring board from which to vault forward towards something new, better, and prosperous.  This card also symbolizes the law of Karma, so in the midst of all your good fortune don’t forget: what goes around, comes around.