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Ironic Product Placement: Teen Mom 2 sponsored by Mirena?

In case you missed it last night on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn sought out birth control from some beady-eyed OBGYN.  During the course of the episode, the word Mirena was uttered no less than 7 times. Mirena was mentioned thrice by the Doc and Kailyn and once by new boyfriend Jordan as if under coercion.We’re not talking about the word IUD, we’re talking specifically about the peppering of the pharmaceutical brand name “Mirena.”  Coincidence or profitable product placement?  The exam and “insertion” ran like a 5 minute commercial shoved into the show.  Did Kailyn get a free IUD in return for her enthusiasm?Marketing a long-term hormone based contraception to teenage girls is an interesting choice considering their high risk for contracting an STD during unprotected sex.  Personal opinion only here: keep the hormones and the foreign devices out of your body and keep the wenis wrapped. 

Bori and Mean: Slumming in an RV

Just how many El Monte logos can we fit on one RV? Get that contractually obligated tight shot of the canned fruit.This distractingly blatant product placement makes me feel dirty.  Don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that this whole fucking trip wasn’t sponsored — and therefore heavily subsidized, if not completely free.

Do they really expect us to believe that they just thought this shit up on a whim and everyone just happened to be freely available for a cross country road trip?  Bori, you wore that sweater last season.  It wasn’t cute then and it isn’t cute now.  Retire thy beige sweater.  You always brag about how many clothes you have; let’s try something else shall we?Why can’t Liam talk in full sentences yet?  This kid is like almost four, right?  He and Stella seem suspiciously similar developmentally considering their age difference.  Shall we chalk it up to “late bloomer?”  Whether this kid is slow or not, he’s clearly inherited the dickhead gene from his Dad.  Kid’s already got beat-me face.

Stella’s over this bullshit.

After a restful night’s sleep at the blood-splattered Motel, Bori and Mean greet the new day with concerns that they have fallen behind schedule.Thankfully, they stopped at the ostrich farm where Meteorologista Gazelle schooled Tori on iron ore and ostrich orgies.Oxygen should ditch Bori and Mean and give gangsta Gazelle her own show.

Later on, the two love birds snark it out over moccasins or something and the Guncles have to step in to deescalate the tiff.  Many have been speculating that the tension advertised on this season of Tori and Dean is manufactured for ratings.  I disagree.  I see genuine resentment between the two.  Bori finally realized Mean‘s in it for the money and the fame, but she’s fucking stuck kicking herself for being so naïve. I have to comment on the utter wastefulness of that ridiculous steak eating contest.  To put it in perspective, 72 oz of steak is approximately 4.5 lbs of meat, (plus they were required to eat sides I think?)  Ninety-five pound Tori fucking Spelling is going to eat 5 lbs of food in one sitting?  Yeah fucking right.  That whole fucking table could have split one of those meals and it still would have been too much food.  May that meat rot in your guts gluttonous pigs.Tori plans to impose her dreadful decorating sense on poor Patsy.  Tori and Dean made heinous decorating choices at the B&B, and their “taste” will look even more arbitrary in relatively conservative Atlanta.  Since I haven’t seen the final outcome, I can only hope that the Guncles rein in the McDermott aesthetic for sweet Patsy’s sake.

Episode highlight:  NICK NOLTE!