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Broaden the search by shopping the mens and kids departments for excellent markdowns on sweaters.  On the mens rack find plenty of small sizes and on the kids find the leftover XLs.  The patterns and proportions can be a fresh alternative to the same old womens offerings. Read the signage carefully.  Just went jeans shopping and my denim-purchasing companion would have probably bought twice as many pairs had he known at the time of selection that the $159 jeans marked down to $89 would actually ring up at 40% off the lowest marked price.   Don’t get suckered into buying fresh Resort 2012 right now unless you are actually traveling someplace warm in the next 4 weeks.  Now is the time to stock up on deeply discounted coats, winter accessories, and boots for the rest of this season and next. 

emmy 2011 style review: red, wrong, and blue

The best and worst of the A-list: Kate Winslet in Elie Saab and Gwyneth Paltrow in PucciGwyneth’s face looks better than it has in a while, but the dress is confusing and wrong.  A transparent midriff, really G?Another disappointing turn for Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein Collection.  Bad fit, uninspired color, and boring shoes combined to create another dud for Mrs. CruiseEvan Rachel Wood provided a refreshing relief from the onslaught of red in an immaculately tailored Elie Saab.

Hate to say Christina Hendricks looked unnecessarily big in an embellished Johanna Johnson gown.  The open toe and low heeled shoe makes her legs appear chunky.  A darker tressed Elisabeth Moss stayed in the same color family as her co-star in a pinky-nudish Marchesa adorned with shimmering vines.  Damn, I miss Mad Men.Let’s get the Glee bitches out of the way: self-important Lea Michele vamping for the flashbulbs in Marchesa, Jenna Ushkowitz in an architectural Ghadah Paris, and Diana Agron in Roskanda Ilinic. Naya Rivera’s chic, black, subtly-detailed gown made Heather Morris‘ selection look fussy by comparison. Colfer proves that photographically satin betrays both genders.  Darren Criss showed up his more well-known cast mate in a slender suit by John Varvatos. Of the hostesses, Cat Deeley didn’t embarrass herself or wow in Monique L’Huillier.  I question the clutch choice with this particular gown.  Even with ample style resources, Padma Lakshmi in Armani Privé and Heidi Klum in Christian Siriano reinforce the notion that most models can’t dress themselves worth a shit. You would think that the Fashion Police might dress a skosh more fashionably, right?  Giuliana wore a crimson Cavalli which got lost in the sea of red gowns.  Kelly Osbourne did a bit better in plum J. Mendel.  However, for someone who regularly critiques others for failing to make fashion forward choices, this safe dress felt more Lea Michele than Kelly Osbourne.  Though let’s face it, none of these third tier hangers-on get first pick of the best gowns. Prettier than most ladies, how about a little Mario Lopez palette cleanser?  Werk those dimples son. Joel McHale also looked dapper and fresh in his icy tux coat. Not much better than that dreadful Wonder Woman costume, Adrianne Palicki arrived in anti-photogenic satin.  Super likable Connie Britton looked lovely in a deeper shade of the night’s most favored hue.  For a woman her age, the face and body are damn aspirational and underrated. Minka’s old lady Christian Dior underscored the impact of Galliano’s departure on the house.  This gown isn’t going to give Jeter any regrets.   Usually Claire does Narciso or Calvin Klein; instead she went in a different direction with this flashy Oscar de la Renta gown.  The perennially overrated Emily Blunt donned Elie SaabElie Saab provided many of the evening’s strongest looks, but this wasn’t one of them.  Why does she always have that just-ate-a-canary mug on her face?Julie Bowen did de la Renta this year and kept the accessories minimal.  Sofia Vergara rocked Wang (Vera not Alexander, obviously).  Don’t match the lipstick to the dress please.For comics,  Kristen Wiig impressed in ombre Zac Posen, and Amy Poehler rocked Peter Som.  Her dress was featured right here on Demeter Clarc in the best of blue for Fall 2011 RTW.

Pint-sized Nina Dobrev was swallowed whole by bloodshot Donna Karan.   Hate the necklace too.  Margulies‘ unseasonable white Armani Privé evoked Styrofoam cup. Let’s finish strong and severe with Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey in Alessandra Rich.  A different bag and belt could have catapulted her from an eight to a ten.  The fantastic Christine Baranski served a seasonally appropriate dark blue Zac Posen and outshone many attendees half her age.

RHNY: Reenter

Without hesitation, we were thrown right into the thick of Jill and Ramona’s post-argument analysis.  Each decamped with her respective clique to refuel and restrategize for the next go-round.Zarin sent her spies to fetch intel from Ramona and the blondes.  First the Cuntess entered and attempted to address Ramona, but her efforts were stymied by Alex and Sonja’s physical and verbal shields.  Next Kelly slinked in wearing a colorful Diane von Furstenberg dress (not Pucci, she quickly corrected a complimentary Sonja).  Kelly tried to invoke the neutrality clause.  The blondes pretended to accept her position, but were obviously savvy to her espionage.It wouldn’t be a trip to Morocco without the requisite henna tattoo moment.  LuAnn, Kelly, and Cindy hunkered down for a painting.  Before they saw her, the three heard Alex loudly and quickly clopping down the stairs.  Alex dramatically swept her scarf around her shoulders and emphatically demanded to have a word upon the conclusion of LuAnn’s tattoo.  Alex then turned on her heel and retreated as suddenly as she appeared.Indignant at the interruption, but also piqued with interest, LuAnn, Kelly, and Cindy all summoned Alex for a chat.  They looked like three lionesses waiting to devour the sad goat that lagged a little too far behind the rest of the herd.Kelly jumped all over Alex for her bad acting and described her performance as “inauthentic.”  Then she strangely ordered Alex to “reenter.” (That’s what she said.)  All season, scenes have felt particularly set up.  Kelly pretty much confirmed the orchestrated premeditation by requesting a redo.Alex the conquering blonde unleashed on LuAnn, but she didn’t get too far into her diatribe before the Cuntess interrupted and curtly dismissed her by ordering her to return to the cabinet she came out of.  Not particularly adept at improvisation, Alex stood slack-jawed and without comeback as the Cuntess brushed by her with her nose high and an undeniable air of superiority.Kelly attacked from behind, leaving Alex bewildered.  Alex tried to apologize, but Kelly called her weird and “not normal.”  Her neck covered in stress splotches, Alex tried to articulate her frustration.  Kelly responded by shhhhhhhhing her, then directing her to first close and then reopen her eyes.  Kelly didn’t really listen to anything Alex said (did anyone?), but she responded in her standard non sequitur fashion by saying, “Sometimes Alex, it is better to just observe and not participate.”As for this week’s moment of blatant hypocrisy, Kelly ordered Alex to cover her shoulders – even though the two appeared to be standing in the internal courtyard of their private riad.  However, she threw her modesty out the window later when she decided to jog around Marrakesh in this skimpy get-up.The ravens landed for dinner, but the butters didn’t descend at the appointed hour.  The social faux pas triggered a shit talking sesh that was only interrupted by Alex’s late arrival. Impeccable hostess and etiquette authority that she is, the Cuntess hurled sharp barbs at Alex from the head of the table.  After a few too many snarky remarks, Alex informed LuAnn that she wasn’t actually told when dinner would be served.  She then snatched her plate of greens before getting bounced out of the dining room by Kelly.Swaddled, Ramona and Sonja emerged asking what was for dinner.  The request caused LuAnn to go completely cous cous.  Like Alex, Sonja and Ramona also claimed that they had been uninformed of the dinner time.  If LuAnn did inform them of the time, it wasn’t included in the episode footage.Kelly coaxed Ramona to make amends.  She and LuAnn progressed until the Countess broached the subject of the fortuneteller’s revelation.  Caught off guard, Ramona reacted by presenting a saccharine smile and chirping “my marriage is great.”  Uneasy and exposed, Ramona abruptly jerked away, insisting that they return to dinner.  One can hardly blame her; Ramona’s perceptive enough to detect the blatant meangirling in the underhanded maneuver.While packing up to return home, the women returned different articles of clothing they had borrowed from one another during the trip.  Jill waived Ramona’s green bikini bottoms around like a white flag.The two confessed to caring about one another and wanting to salvage the friendship, though neither addressed the underlying issues – alcoholism and fame intoxication.  Instead, they tried to brush all previous tension under the rug and just move forward.  When does that ever work?

The Rachel Zoe Project: Rodger’s Pussy Hurts

Rodger’s discontent has been simmering all season, but this week his epic case of pussy hurt was triggered by an unfinished plate of breakfast pasta.  Rachel rushed Rodger and Brad from the café to finish out Milan with the Armani, Gucci, and Pucci shows. Again, Rachel fixated on a totally inappropriate navy feathered Pucci gown for Demi Moore.  Short in the front long in the back is so wrong.  It is the fashion equivalent of a mullet.Back in L.A., figure skater Johnny Weir dropped by to collect a few looks for the Indie Spirits.  Brad tried to get his twirl on, but couldn’t quite compete, saying “I’m actually masculine next to him, and I don’t know if that really works for me.”Rachel concluded the visit by extending the ultimate invitation (and endorsement) to Mr. Weir, saying “Next time you come to L.A., I would like to invite you to my house to come play dress up in my closet, for real.”When the feathered Pucci gown arrived, Brad began to second guess whether it would work.  Rachel called Donatella who sent some sketches over.  Rachel decided to have two gowns whipped up for Demi, one in silver, one in blush.Later on, Rachel bitched about a migraine while Joey worked her weave.  While she was putting on Tom Ford’s last YSL, Rodger bitched and moaned to the uninterested help.  Joey bid adieu by yelling, “You guys look so beautiful, it’s a shame both of you have bitch attitudes.”  Unquestionably, this was the episode (if not season) highlight.Rodger woke up the next morning super bitchy and snipped at Joey and Rachel over the decibel of their morning activities.  A true masochist, Rodger decided to attend the fittings with Rachel.  He had no actual purpose in tagging along, so he just stewed in resentment and picked at Rachel until she grew a pair and shut his Bieberish ass down by reminding him, “This is a big day for me and my clients not you, so just calm down.”As a pouty Rodger sat in the car, Rachel dressed Cameron Diaz who barely made the red carpet.

No big surprise Sandra Bullock ended up in the Marchesa.  Too bad it was one of her worst looks of the awards season.  The finish down the front didn’t lie quite right making it look cheap, but at least someone had the good sense to remove that big ass bow from the shoulder. Demi wore the blush Versace and it fit beautifully.  Overall the look wasn’t hideous, but wasn’t that major either.  It was a little granny does bridesmaid. Cameron made more of an impact in the Oscar de la Renta dress, but as a former model, she wears clothes well.  It is pretty hard to fuck up styling DiazPost-Oscars, Mr. and Mrs. Zoe sat down to discuss their priorities.  Rodger complained of all the Rachel-centeredness and threw down a toothless ultimatum.  Obviously, Rodger’s clock is ticking.  Rachel, just give your wife a baby so his pussy can stop hurting.

Sunday with Anabela Belikova