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Is ethanol killing your average MPG?

My in-house automotive expert has been traveling some distance to fill up the cars with ethanol-free gas.  Initially, I found the cross-town quest absurd.  Then I checked my MPG.  How does a full 4 miles more per gallon sound?  That has been my experience since I switched to ethanol-free gas. 

To find a gas station that sells ethanol-free gas check out pure-gas.org.  The site provides state by state listings for your convenience.  

By the way, I’m enjoying my new ride Gertie.  She’s an Infiniti Ex35 and cute as a button.  One thing I learned in recently purchasing a new car: research the national market.  Local prices were super inflated, so I shipped one in from out of state.  It was surprisingly reasonable to ship a car.  This strategy allowed me to leverage several dealers against one another and negotiate a killer deal.