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stila one step primecolor

Tricky, tricky, that cream blush.  Some formulas are too wet and ruin your base; others are too dry and therefore not blendable.  The ideal cream blush should glide across the skin with the perfect amount of slip and set to a semi-matte finish.I received a sample tube of Stila One Step Primecolor and was pleasantly surprised by the texture.  The color saturation is just right in its intensity, and the cream gives you the latitude to build without blending and fading away.

Even though the marketing angle of this product is an all-in-one face-eyes-lip product, neither the texture nor color selection are appropriate for anything other than cheek enhancement.  As a general rule, pink on the eyelids reads more conjunctivitis than cutting edge, and matte pink on the lips will only accentuate the yellow in your teeth.  As a cream blush, however, One Step serves up some fresh-from-the-cold, pink-cheeked goodness.  A little goes a long way.

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