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Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener

I know ya’ll covetous bitches have been staring longingly at Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards‘ mega-mane.  A common salon-chair complaint is that women can’t get vibrant, thick, luxurious hair to grow below the bra line.  After hair reaches this length it fizzles out into stringy insubstantial wisps.  Some think extensions are the answer.  Get Britney’s busted weave to cosign on that shit.    Let’s try another angle.  Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener is an overnight conditioning treatment aimed at fortifying hair while you sleep.  No doubt Rx PM Repair Strengthener is an extravagance at $65 for 4 oz.  Justify the price by recognizing that you will easily get another month or more out of your haircut.  Furthermore, consider that shampoo and conditioner only stay on the hair for 1-5 minutes.  There are limits to what even the most luxurious product can do in this scant time.  Fekkai’s light-weight cream rebuilds and revitalizes over several hours.  Upon waking and washing, hair is left silken, shiny, and weightlessly soft.  This is the secret to taking your tresses from mid-length to full-length. It’s worth emphasizing that Rx PM Repair does not weigh hair down or leave build-up.  It penetrates strands quickly and won’t stain your pillow.  The scent is pleasant and unobtrusive. Nothing is ever perfect.  The cheap dispenser is inconsistent with the quality of the product inside.  Upgrade your bottles Fekkai.  J’annoyed with the weak-ass pump.  Also, sad to say this isn’t vegan.  Milk protein is involved. It takes mayjah results for me to get all aflutter over a conditioner, but I have a diamond-hard wang for Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener.  Often the differences between the high end and low end are indiscernible, but in this case the results after one use are not only noticeable, they border on miraculous.

Redken Anti-Snap: Just a little jizz

Like Rapunzel, hair must look beautiful and glide through the hand like silk.  Others must be compelled to reach out and touch it.

To achieve soft, shiny, lustrous, attention-begging hair, try Redken Anti-Snap.  Work through wet hair to detangle, protect, and fortify.  Add a second layer to your ends after you blow dry to smooth any split ends, frizzies, or fly-aways.

Similar products abound, but a hefty 8.5 oz bottle of Anti-Snap can easily last a year, making it the best value.

My only criticism: it looks like jizz.