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Jackie Warner

A shaggy-haired Jackie Warner’s back on Bravo with a new weight-loss show, Thintervention, beginning next week.

We see you Jeana.

To vicariously live the Thintervention experience, Jackie’s got a couple of workout DVDs on the market.  The first, One-on-One Training with Jackie, was shot in 2008.  The second, Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training, was released last year.  Of the two, One-on-One is the better DVD.  It stars familiar faces from the gym including Rebecca and Agostina.  The one hour workout is divided into three sections: arms, legs, and abs.  Jackie’s not reinventing the wheel; we’re talking lunges, squats, sit-ups, and biceps curls.  Each trainer does a different part of the workout as Jackie cues the exercises and corrects form.  Most workout videos aren’t very challenging, and on a scale of 1 to 10, this one ranks about a 6.5.  Overall, it is a pretty well-rounded and complete strength training workout.  You will need about a six by six area of clear space and a set of hand weights.

Power Circuit Training has different menu options: 40 minute total body, 15 min total body, 15 min abs, 15 min lower body, and 15 minute upper body.  The full workout runs 42.54 minutes.  No familiar trainers here; never seen these folks before.  Jackie leads her usual warm-up for about 5 minutes.  The circuits begin with legs, followed by chest, back, arms, and abs.  Warner relies on boring (but effective) moves like squats, lunges, and shoulder presses.  There are three exercises per circuit; first done slower and longer, then faster and quicker.  Jackie actually exercises; sometimes with questionable form.  This one did not feel very challenging.  Too much of it involved lying on floor.  Compound movements would make this video more interesting, effective, and calorie torching.  On a scale of 1 to 10, a barely taxing 4.