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REBECCA MINKOFF AZUMA FUSCHIAI treated myself to some sexy new Rebecca Minkoff Azuma heels for my moment with Wendy Williams in Vegas.  The shoes are gorgeous, but I don’t understand why these high-end shoe designers don’t consider tread.  These hot pink beauties are slippery as fuck. REBECCA MINKOFF AZUMA BOTTOMWith no traction, how does one avoid eating shit in the middle of the Venetian lobby?  Slice those bitches up.  And I’m not referring to the basic bitches who shared a bottle of body glitter in the elevator.  I mean the bottom of those expensive-ass shoes you just purchased.   Take a knife or sharp scissors and score several superficial cuts into the sole of the shoe.  It’s a runway trick and it works.  Nobody looks at the bottom of your shoes anyway.  Better to have a scratched sole than a busted ass, you feel me?CAM00942NAOMI WESTWOOD FALL

Spring 2013 RTW ~ Rebecca Minkoff ~ fade out

Resort 2012: LAST CALL

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