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Neko Case, can we be friends?

NEKO CASE LIVEMaybe I just have a weakness for Titian songstresses: Florence Welch, Tori Amos, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, but I thought Neko Case was the cat’s pajamas when she blew through town the other night.  Even though she felt shitty complaining of a cold, she filled up the whole room with her velvety bourbon-flavored sound.  NEKO CASE FALLONNeko’s total transparency makes for such an appealing live experience.  Without any trepidation she launches courageously into acapella.  The sound is as clear, piercing, warm and authentic as possible.  Nothing blocks the transmission of energy between Neko and her audience.  When she speaks to her devoted fans, it’s like she’s sitting at the next bar stool.  She banters with her band with what seems like sincere and jovial camaraderie.  The dynamic feels intimate, as if you are backstage after the show.  Maybe that explains why people shouted requests from all over the theater?  I have never heard so much aggressive requesting at any show I have ever attended ever.  It’s not a piano bar people.  (And enough with the Freebird.  Tiredest joke ever.)Lately, I’ve been really fed up with the rude-ass behavior of my fellow attendees (ehhhhem MGMT douches), but at Neko’s show my boldly printed vintage jumpsuit was enthusiastically appreciated by at least three separate sets of fawning complimenters, (not even including the cute pedicab driver on the street afterwards).  This is not intended as a humble-brag, I’m just highlighting that in Neko’s tribe the women support wild jumpsuit wearing. NEKO CASE LITTLE BIRDNeko Case is on tour now.  Please go see her.  She is sublime.  Afterwards you’ll wish she was your best friend.Neko Case on her horse farm in rural Vermont

Wink, wink, red

To Glasses

Thanks for all your love and well wishes yesterday.  So far so good.  All went well with the Pink Floyd Laser Light Show.  I’m currently writing this 12 hours after surgery without glasses or dreadful contacts. I can’t help but feel a little misty for my glasses.  Not my dependence on them, but they do add a certain flavor to the face, no?  So today is dedicated to glasses.  I haven’t forgotten you.  I won’t be a hipster douche who wears you without a vision-correcting purpose, but I will continue to appreciate a well-placed pair.


Christina Hendricks on Karen Elson

“I was in Milan, and you would see the same girls at castings.  There was one girl — she was like, ‘I can’t get any work, I’m so sick of this, I’m ready to quit.  I love your hair color.  What do you color your hair with? and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s red.  Here’s my formula.’  It was Karen Elson.  A couple of weeks later, she had bright red-hair.”

Christina Hendricks Bazaar, November 2010

Redken Anti-Snap: Just a little jizz

Like Rapunzel, hair must look beautiful and glide through the hand like silk.  Others must be compelled to reach out and touch it.

To achieve soft, shiny, lustrous, attention-begging hair, try Redken Anti-Snap.  Work through wet hair to detangle, protect, and fortify.  Add a second layer to your ends after you blow dry to smooth any split ends, frizzies, or fly-aways.

Similar products abound, but a hefty 8.5 oz bottle of Anti-Snap can easily last a year, making it the best value.

My only criticism: it looks like jizz.