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GRAMMY 2012: whitney’s wake

The best of the night were all appropriately in black.  Rihanna plunged in the front and sloped low in the back in this major ArmaniGwyneth repped her inner-circle in Stella McCartney.  From the neck down Gwyneth looks amazing, but she’s looking a little inflamed in the face.  Bad bronzer or bad eight ball?  You decide.  Adele turned it out in Armani.  We sure as fuck knew she wouldn’t wear Chanel after Karl’s latest round of bad Grandpa fat comments.Not all the black was good; Julianne Hough wasted her crazy toned body in this unflattering and boring Kaufmanfranco.Bruno Mars gave a little ankle in this fashion-forward Thom Browne look.  Not everyone will get it, but I appreciate the effort. Saggy tits.  That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see Katy Perry in this Elie Saab gown.  The sophomoric blue hair and the pastel Tinkerbell gown are enough to induce the heaves.  This girl cannot sing, she cannot dress, and therefore I have no use for her.  No use at all.  Good day Katy Perry.  I said good day.And the “desperately seeking attention” award goes to….miz Minaj.  She has talent, so why won’t she lead with it?  It’s Versace by the way.  The cape not the bishop. Let’s work our way through the “irrelevant in white” category.  Kathy Griffin wore Michael Kors rather well.  Why is it when she looks better she’s less funny?Kate Beckinsale usually shows up to these events in overblown ball gowns, so this Zuhair Murad is actually a surprisingly appropriate choice for her.  She still can’t ditch the pageant hair, but baby steps are still progress.  Paris Hilton wore a well-tailored Basil Soda.  I’m not on fire for the white and gold combo.  She looks better than usual, but a skosh overdressed.Robyn, L.A. doesn’t do the whole quirky Nordic thing.  Just ask Bjork.  This whole look is an unmitigated hell no. One of the few pops of color, Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier; I can feel how much she desperately wants our approval, but I must withhold it.  Adam Levine doing his best Scott Disick.  Between Scott and Adam, who do you think gets called “douche” more often to his face?Taylor Swift is like the Nicole Kidman of the under-25 set.  This over-serious frock is a Zuhair Murad creation.


The reality of most double albums is usually there is only enough great material for one excellent record, but artists (or record companies) often add unnecessary filler, basically to take up space and time.  Most would agree one great album is superior to two mediocre ones.  Since Robyn’s Body Talk 1 & 2 were released months apart, some might argue that it isn’t a double album.  If you want to debate semantics, fine, (it may even be one of three).  The criticism still applies; both these albums contain lackluster tracks compared to Robyn’s brilliant eponymous record from 2005.  The Body Talks contain some good music, but lyrically, this second one especially, feels like a trip down 90’s hip-hop nostalgia lane – and not in a good way.Body Talk Pt. 2 doesn’t suck, but Robyn may want to reconsider her new strategy of rushing to release tracks and return to a practice of exercising selectivity.



Find a way to shine your light on someone who needs it.


Be careful not to overheat.


Embrace the change.


Throw out all your calculations.


Your obsequious flirting undermines your sincerity.


You owe someone an apology.


Find a way out of your head.


Don’t waste your time feeling guilty.


Your polished demeanor can make you unsympathetic.


Challenge your assumptions.


For you, anticipation is the worst part.


Time to regroup.

ROBYN: Body Talk Pt. 1

Oh Robyn, I’ve really missed you.  I wore your eponymous album out.  Finally, you are back with Body Talk Pt. 1, and it was worth the wait mama!Robyn swaggers through Dancehall Queen with astonishing credibility (especially considering she’s Swedish).  Dancing on my Own continues her previous album’s theme of abandonment and loneliness.  Robyn mixes humility with confidence which reflects the honesty of her writing and keeps her likable.

For those of you craving a clear-toned disarming ballad, try Hang With Me.   There are plenty of beats with attitude for the dancers, and even a traditional Swedish song sung as a dulcet lullaby. Body Talk Pt. 1 has eight delicious tracks that serve as a tasty appetizer to  additional offerings slated for later this summer.  Until then, I’ll be keeping this on heavy rotation.

Tack för den vackra musiken Robyn!