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Let’s Catch Up


Sorry I’ve been kinda slackass.  I met somebody interesting, and we’ve been spending time together.  You know how it goes, girl.

VIEW PREMIEREThe “new” View sux.  I’m disoriented by the set change.  Rosie O’Donnell’s gastric sleeve operation seems to have concentrated her already abrasive nature.  I used to like her.  Now, not so much.   Whoopi seems super unhappy.  She should have accepted the contract buyout allegedly offered by the network and split to less hostile pastures.  Rosie Perez served as the least annoying addition to the stage, but her talent is wasted in this format.  I haven’t bothered to learn the Republican’s name yet.  She wears her hair in a layered bob, so that’s all I need to know about her. ROSIESI’m keeping up with the Spring 2015 RTW collections, but many have disappointed.  Bodycon’s been trending out for awhile now, but for Spring 2015 it is gone.  There were a number of voluminous and oddly shaped garments parading down the runways.  I’m all for avant-garde, but clothing must flatter first.  Distilling these trends into a wearable narrative may prove challenging. TOM FORD SPRING 2015 RTW



The Made in Chelsea gang spent the summer in NYC.  The MIC NYC finale just aired so you can bingewatch the season on 4oD.  If you are like me, you’ll have opinions about Billie.  And please note Alik’s overly passionate succubus kissing style.  He looks like he’s going to swallow little Louise whole. BILLIEOn the Diet Coke substitution tip, faithful reader Leah Love suggested Perrier as a pleasing alternative.  I’m currently investigating.  Thanks for the suggestion Mizz Love.  (((Hugs babygirl))) PERRIERWorking the next 18 days straight, so don’t assume if I’m not on the daily that I’m dickmatized.  Just working hard bitches, thanks for your patience and understanding. ♥ DCHALF ASS


3 for Thursday

How exciting is this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split?  Is it just a coincidence the marriage lasted right around 5 years just like the rumored contract?  Let’s hope with the end of this marriage comes the end of Katie’s blank-ass expression, mediocre clothing line, and non-acting career.  She used to be so adorable and ripe with potential and talent.  Rumored reasons for the split?  Tom sending Suri to Sea Org?!  Surveillance assigned to Tom’s adopted daughter Isabella?!  Isolation insisted upon by the Church of Scientology? Some juicy morsels are bound to surface from the swirl of this sure-to-be messy separation.  In the meantime, we’ll just count the days until Suri’s tell-all.  You know Travolta has got to be relieved to have the Church leaders distracted with this new wave of bad press and defection.Did you catch the premiere of season 2 of Episodes this week?  I watched season 1 of this weird little series last year and was hesitant to recommend it to you because the pace is a bit glacial in the beginning.  I wasn’t a Friends fan, so I’m not recommending the Matt LaBlanc show out of some sort of misplaced loyalty.  The supporting players are the true highlight – particularly Daisy Haggard, who basically makes me shit my pants every time she appears on screen.  Episodes is worth a watch, especially when conveniently paired with….

Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.  I still drag The Comeback out every so often and burn through that underrated gem.  Web Therapy scratches a similar itch.  The premiere boasts appearances from players like Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep, and returning cast member Alan Cumming.  Most of the show is improvised by skilled comics, but even among the best in the biz, Kudrow anchors the comedy with the genius affectations of therapist Fiona Wallice.

And please schedule your DVR to record The Real L Word season 3 premiere July 12th because that hot mess of lesbian drama is an annual tradition here at DC.



What the fuck is Oprah thinking?

You guys heard all the conversations about Oprah’s strategy for saving OWNTo catch you up in case you aren’t watching, and let’s face it very few of us are watching, Oprah axed Rosie’s show and laid off at least 30 people in March from the LA and NY OWN offices.She recently went on with Gayle and Charlie on the CBS morning show.  During the interview, Oprah admitted that she had made mistakes, and would have made different choices had she known then what she knows now.  She conceded they launched the network before it was ready.  She cushioned the low ratings by saying she thought people wanted to see her fail out of a sense of schadenfreude.  Oprah articulated OWN’s revised strategy as building programming popularity one evening at a time.  Oprah said the network can’t be focused on her, but that contradicts her scheduled cameos on most of the network’s new shows like Sweetie’s and Lovetown, USAOprah can’t appear on every show on the network, and I’m not sure it would matter if she did, because OWN’s content skews towards an older audience and for the most part is profoundly unexciting.  Of the four new shows Oprah picked up, which would you watch?

  • Elura and Michele Take Staten Island (about two former prosecutors/current friends who “tell it like it is”),
  • Iyanla Fix My Life (centered around author Iyanla Vanzant’s self-help advice),
  • Married to the Army: Alaska (unscripted Army Wives in the frontier), and
  • Six Little McGhees (parents vs. six babies).

Oprah presents an optimistic front, but she looks exhausted and seems to know that under the current rubric, this network isn’t ever going to reach success.  Financial analysts predict losses upwards of $140 million this year.  So why doesn’t she cut her losses and move on?  Ego?  Delusion?  Contractual obligation?  Sheer obstinacy?

OWN Preview

On January 1, 2011, Oprah unleashes her network across the country.  Here’s a preview of the very self-helpy and reality-heavy lineup.

The Gayle King Show.  A given.

Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes is a backstage doc-style look at the final year of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oprah called upon all her favorites for Master Class including Jay-Z, Simon Cowell, Sidney Poitier, Dr. Maya Angelou, Diane Sawyer, Lorne Michaels, and Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

Also in the mix, a reality show about an Indiana prison, a couple cooking shows, myth-busters for miracles, and a Hoarders ripoff with Peter Walsh.  Both Laura Berman and Lisa Ling snagged shows, along with several other Oprah Winfrey Show regulars, but the most exciting notion of all is the return of Rose O’Donnell to the daily talk show format.