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What the fuck is up with Sons of Anarchy?  Last season’s detour to Ireland tried our patience, but the theme this season seems to be beat a bitch down. In the single worst narrative decision in television history, Jax mercilessly bloodied Ima.  With this beating, Sutter killed lady-boners everywhere.  Jax has totally lost his appeal now.  If you think the female constituency doesn’t matter, ask who controls the remote in your house.  Tara’s crippled with a van door smashed hand courtesy of Clay’s ordered hit gone wrong.  Even the usually powerful Gemma survived a flinch-inducing face fisting from her husband.  Hate women much Sutter?  The writers may rationalize the misogyny to seal Clay’s identity as a wife-beating villain unworthy of survival, but who will pull the trigger?  Usually, in these scenarios, the violence against women is used as a justification for vengeance by another man.   You know, some tired white-knight-damsel-in-distress cliché. Has Sutter managed to fully alienate his female audience, or is there still time to repair the damage in the final episodes of the season?


We need to discuss Sons of Anarchy so you have time to catch up on the first two seasons before the third season premiere this winter. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I’ve been slow to jump on the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Charter) bandwagon mostly because I thought it was for white boys who like motorcycles.  I erred in selling this show short.  Motorcycles function in Sons of Anarchy like football does on Friday Night Lights, mostly in the periphery. Reason number one you should watch Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller.  Think a Thelma and Louise-era Brad Pitt.  For many of you, this will be reason enough. A second compelling reason to watch, Katey Sagal serves up the best acting of her career.  The work she does with her arch in season two deserves accolades come award season. Need a third?  Henry Rollins drops in as a violent, psycho, white supremacist.