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supermarket zombie

I confess I loathe the supermarket.  It is too bright.  I feel like the florescent lights are sucking my soul away.  Lately while I troll the aisles, I wonder what the fuck I am supposed to put in my cart outside the produce section? Canned section?  Maybe a bean.  Cento.  Boxed aisle?  In a moment of weakness mac-n-cheese.  Dry lentils.  Veggie stock.  Most cereals are garbage, as are most cookies, crackers, and shelf-stable prepared foods.  The freezer section isn’t any better.  Waffles, frozen dinners, pizza – all crap, right?  I pass up 95% of the product because we are learning it is mostly poison.  Eating healthy is hard. 


Want to make a late correction to today’s post.  I believe I may have misidentified the shop where I bought my dress as Flutter Clutter when it is in fact called EdenEden has a website at edenportland.com.  I’m going to leave information on the sister shops in this post because both are worthy of attention, but to be clear, Eden is the extra cute store where I bought my reasonably-priced reworked vintage.  I wholeheartedly apologize for any confusion.  There is just so much sweetness in Portland, it is hard to keep it all straight. Stumbled upon a darling shop in rosy Portland today called Eden.  I was drawn in by a rack of adorable dresses outside the store and made my way in to discover a number of unique treasures.  Eden stocks all sorts of fun, like quirky found items, granny’s thrift store dresses reworked into modern shapes, souped-up vintage furs and lingerie, delicious perfumes, books, cards, cute tid-bits, and whimsical what-nots.  Often when I stumble across a store of this nature, it is full of sweetness, but the prices are astronomically bitter.  Not at Eden; their special finds are priced to move.  How does $52 for a one-of-a-kind frock sound?  Sounds totally reasonable to me, so I picked one up.  Check out both websites flutterclutter.com and edenportland.com; the online inventory is more limited than the in-person browsing experience, but you can get a taste of their eclectic offerings.  Enjoy free shipping on orders exceeding $100.  This shop is well worth a look and full of intriguing gift ideas.

Famished from shopping, sustenance shifted to the priority.  Prasad answered the prayer of our longing tummies.  Vegan, wholesome, and delicious, Prasad provided us a hearty meal we devoured with a smugness that comes with consuming only the healthiest and guilt-free dishes.  With fresh-squeezed juice and a protein-packed salad followed by a soothing peppermint tea, we left refreshed from our weary travels.  Portlanders keep a number of vegetarian restaurants and food trucks thriving, and Prasad is a standout among them.  Prasad shares space with a yoga studio – Yoga Pearl.  Didn’t get a chance to take a class, but yoga + a delicious vegan lunch sounds like a fantastic afternoon to me – a great concept for a shared space that is well-executed.  Leave it to Portland to get it right.

Friday’s 5 ways to burn 500 calories

Fuck for 100 minutes.Rearrange furniture for 67 minutes.

Shop if you must: 3 hours, 6 minutes. Catch up on sleep; 8.5 hours burns approximately 500 calories.Mop your dirty ass floors for 100 minutes.