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nom, nom, nom…

BOULDER CANYON SP FRIESTell you what I can’t stop munching: Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Sweet Potato Fries.  Many of you will understandably cringe at the use of the term “mouth feel,” but it’s true.  The mouth feel of the sweet potato fry is mega addictive.  Buy two bags because you will tear through the first one almost immediately.  In case you’re worried that they are gross, limp, or greasy – don’t – they are airy, crisp, salty, and light.  Softly crunchy.  Very enjoyable.BOULDER CANYON SWEET POTATO FRIES

Monday Morning Management Meeting: Put the Cookie Down

WON'T EATI attended a meeting the other day.  As a rough estimate, there were about 40 or so people there.  The professional gathering lasted just over 90 minutes.  During the brief assembly a number of people snacked.  This is a fit crowd and not a bunch of sedentary cubicle dwellers.  Still, they munched.  Some nibbled on some really smelly and random shit.  Like did that bitch just pull out a salmon roll? BUG SUSHI When did eating every second of the day become appropriate?  Barring some sort of specific health requirement, there isn’t any constructive reason to self-soothe through a meeting with food.  I never heard of anyone dying of starvation from waiting a whole 90 minutes between meals.  Furthermore because we care about manners here at Demeter Clarc, it’s rude to eat in front of others and not share.  If you don’t have enough raspberries for the room, then put them away.  GIMME SOME

That weekend I ate a $10 box of crackers.

LESLEY STOWE RAINCOAST CRISPS FIG AND OLIVERemember when I went to Pitchfork in Chicago this summer?  My most vivid recollection of that weekend was consuming an entire box of fancy crackers at my friend’s house.  Only after a recent trip to Whole Foods did I learn that I had snacked away an entire $10 package.  I’m such a shitty house guest, for real.  Forgive me.  Your Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps were so tasty I couldn’t resist.   I promise to fortify your fancy cracker supply Anne-Marie.  To think that without your influence, I could have gone my whole life and never tried a $10 cracker.  LESLEY STOWE RAINCOAST CRISPS CHERRY AND HAZELNUTMORE RAINCOAST CRISPS

sweet taters

I’m not going to pretend that Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips are any healthier than regular corn chips, but I will say they are quite scrumptiously munchy.Personally, the sweet-salty oblong chip stands alone in its deliciousness.  Some may prefer some sort of salsa or dip.  I trust you can navigate this profound choice on your own.   Prepare to take down an entire (somewhat diminutive) bag of Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.  Just don’t let the packaging, propaganda, or rhetoric convince you doing so is a healthy decision.



Don’t forget about the Marshmallow Fluff.  It’s a great alternative to using marshmallows which contain gelatin.  Use marshmallow creme to make vegetarian-friendly rice treats and s’mores.  Ricemellow for the vegans.

Marshmallow-in-a-jar makes a delicious icing too and is much lighter than many other options based in butter or cheese.

Bite of Hype: Piroshky, Piroshky

A trip to Seattle isn’t complete without the obligatory visit to Pike’s Place Market.  It’s a cliché, yes, but it is an experience unique to the city and therefore a requisite stop.  In conversations about Pike’s Place Market, one establishment consistently gets mentioned – Piroshky, Piroshky.  As a simple explanation, a piroshky is a Russian bun baked and filled with sweet or savory filling.  Pike’s Piroshky, Piroshky is a crowded little bakery nestled among the flower stalls and fish throwers.  (Don’t you fucking scroll past that picture without drinking in those sexy mom capri pants.)Established in the early 1990’s, this place is so legit the instructions behind the counter are still in Russian.  Anthony Bourdain even featured the little family-run joint on No Reservations.I tried a savory bun – onion, cheese, and potato.  It reminded me of a stuffed pretzel with distinct Russian flare.  I also ordered a sweet rhubarb and enjoyed it very much until I stumbled upon a short dark hair.  Total food boner killer.  Are the Slavic buns tasty?  Sure.  If you have never had one, by all means endure the line and try one.  Are they worthy of all the hyperbolic praise?  Truthfully, not really.  First, for $5 a bun, I prefer my snack follicle-free.  Secondly, the middle got mushy and greasy.  Just an off day for the popular dive or is Piroshky, Piroshky really just an overrated bite of hype? 

tidy little mango moment

I enjoy mango, but rarely achieve the magical cross hatch slice like the pros.  Fresh mangoes are so messy.  I confess sometimes I avoid the stickiness and hassle.  Today I went looking for a cherry danish, but ended up with package of organic dried mango slices instead.  I enjoyed my dried mango slices with this delightful Bigelow Green Tea with Mango; the two enhanced the best qualities in each other.  This might be my new movie snack.

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

This will not be a gluten-fee post, so tribe Hasselbeck can scroll on through.  For those of you who still enjoy wheat, have you tried these Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps?  They are truly delightful. Let’s not front like these are nutritious or anything, but they could be an excellent vehicle for a tasty and nourishing topper.  I particularly enjoy the sesame variety.  Just thought I’d let you know.  Have a super day.

Luna Protein Bars

Try these Luna Protein Bars yet?  Introduced in 2010, I prefer these to the original Luna BarsLuna Protein Bars have a rounder shape and are covered in chocolatey goodness.  The texture and mouth feel are addictive.  These could become a habit-forming problem.  In addition to a respectable amount of calcium, folate, and other minerals, gain a whopping 7 grams of protein and save 70 calories and 2 grams of fat over a similarly sized Snickers bar.