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Skin Obsession Acne Stop

DUANE READEKnow what I want when it comes to skin care?  Lasting, meaningful, noticeable results.  Whether it’s age, tolerance, climate, or hormones, my skin just doesn’t respond to most mass-market products anymore.  I need more power.  SKIN OBSESSION ACNE STOPSkin Obsession Acne Stop only has three ingredients: 10% Salicylic acid and 5% Lactic acid in an Ethyl Alcohol base.  Apparently, that’s all we need because this treatment makes things happen.  This supertonic uncovers your freshest skin, fades spots (FOR REAL), melts stubborn black heads, attacks acne, and softens lines.  With much power comes much responsibility, so recognize this toner-style product doesn’t play.  It acts as a mini-peel.  Expect temporary burning, superficial flaking and redness.  It is blindingly strong.  Like if you get it in your eyes, you’ll probably go blind.  Be careful Little Doves.HANDS AND FEETAs an unexpected bonus, Skin Obsession Acne Stop gets at those stubborn rough spots on my feet and my weird elbow patches.  I also paint a layer on the back of my hands because I don’t want to be wearing gloves like Madonna in my 50’s.  The hands and the neck don’t lie!MADONNA GLOVES

extra soft

Last week when my friend Lisa came over to go through my giveaways she commented that my cast-offs where always “especially soft.”I do enjoy extra soft textiles, and I achieve the broken-in feel with a double helping of softener.  Going against tradition, I add the liquid softener with the detergent and booster while the washer is filling.  I always start with a little bit of hot water in the load to help dissolve the soap and dilute the softener.  I don’t ever use the separate softener channel which usually just gunks up over time. 

In addition to liquid softener in the wash, I add dryer sheets to the tumble.  Double softness = double happiness.  Don’t you want to be known for your especially soft clothes, sheets, and towels?