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stupid is as stupid does

CAM00947You won’t even believe the dumbass thing I did.  I made a big ol’ batch of minestrone soup from scratch in my new porcelain soup pot.  I made enough to feed all the elves through the winter.  How much soup can one woman eat?  I dispatched the minestrone into resealable plastic bags to give some away.  When I placed the ziploc bags on the shelves of the freezer, it did occur to me as a fleeting thought that they could freeze in an irregular shape.  I did not think the bags would embed themselves into the shelves during the freezing process.  I was very wrong, so annoyingly wrong.  CAM00946The shelf wouldn’t come out, and the soup was frozen in from all angles.  How the fuck am I going to get out of this one?  I mulled over warming the soup with a hair dryer, boiling water, and shutting the fridge down overnight to thaw the bags.  In the end I used my garment steamer to soften the underside of the frozen soup until I could loosen it free from its frozen encumbrance.  These pictures are from midway through melting process.  Yes, this was a stupid mistake, but I neutralized my stupidity with a clever solution.  Idiot Savant.SO DUMB

Seattle Veg

Don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t rain “that much” in Seattle all you darling Pacific Northwest lying-ass bitches.   Seriously, it’s like living in a puddle.  I’ll forgive the shitty constant drizzle only due to the excellent array of plant-based food options.  What Seattle lacks in sunshine, it makes up for in an abundance of vegetarian friendly dining establishments.  I’m a homing pigeon for crunchy, granola, hippy, super specific vegetarian food, and this city provides more than a few dope places for an herbivore to land. At Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe the lentil burger looked like a turd, but tasted delightful.  Casual and unpretentious, come prepared to place an order at the counter and bus your own mess.  Come equally prepared to chow down on filling fresh veggie goodness.  A respectable B+.Next up, the adorably odd Star Life on the Oasis Café, step into a cute little house, decorated with quirky found furniture, and manned by “Wings,” a super nice guy with killer knife skills.  The beautifully fresh veggie sandwich filled my tummy full for the whole day, and the self-serve loose tea bar is a tea drinker’s dream.  AWe waffled on whether or not to hit up Araya’s Vegetarian Place, an all vegetarian Thai restaurant.  I like my food to punish me and Araya’s served up the 4 star spicy all right.  We were sweating balls after the delicious and impressively presented Tom Yum soup.  My dinner companion over estimated his spice tolerance and struggled to finish his meal, but that was his own damn fault for writing a spicy check his non-Thai ass couldn’t cash.  Amateur.  Overall, a solid B.

Anasazi, the sexy bean


Even though my boutique bean obsession reminds me a little of a Portlandia sketch, I still think we should take a moment with these sexy Anasazis.Quicker cooking than traditional pintos and less gassy too, Anasazis add protein and nutrients to soups, Mexican dishes, and more. Soak overnight and drain off the water.  Add fresh water, bring to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer until tender.  Expect Anasazis to plump and pink when cooked.



All these rainy days call for a comforting spring soup.  Minestrone is super easy, healthy, and delicious. Start with a large soup pot on medium, add olive oil, chopped onion and garlic. When the onions near translucence, add celery and carrots.  A food processor makes quick work of the chopping and creates a rustic texture.

As the mix begins to release juices, add low sodium veggie broth and one or two cans of CENTO All Purpose Crushed TomatoesAll of these veggies work in a Minestrone; add or subtract based on preference.

Next add prepared beans, traditionally white and red, and then whole wheat pasta shells.

Salt and pepper to taste, then finish the flavor with fresh herbs like rosemary, basil, and parsley.  Pulse in the food processor and toss in towards the end of the 30-40 minute cooking time. Keep it vegan or finish with a high quality Parmigiano-Reggiano.