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Sunday with Humpback Whales

Each winter, humpback whales come to the warm waters off the coast of Hawaii to breed, birth, and nurture their calves. At one time, perhaps only a thousand thrived, but recent conservation efforts have resulted in a population boom.  Now more than twenty thousand whales are thought to take the long journey down from their Alaskan feeding waters to enjoy the Hawaiian channels.  There is not really any food for the adult whales in the crystal clear blue waters, so their time in Hawaii is a bit like whale Ramadan.They are literally everywhere this time of year, especially off the coast of Maui.  If you want a relatively close look, a boat is best, but you can see them easily from shore.  I was practicing yoga on the beach and a few friendly humpbacks came over and waved good morning.With whale watching comes whale tales.  Folks just LOVE to talk about their super-close whale encounters.  Some of those stories are true, but most are wildly exaggerated.  I personally don’t need to ride a whale to feel as if I’ve had the experience.  Maintain a respectful distance. 

Sunday with Leontyne Price

Sunday with Rebel Wilson

Sunday Birthday Party

Alan CummingLily DonaldsonNarciso RodriguezBridget FondaDonna ReedMikhail BaryshnikovLiu WenTrickyDaisy Lowe

Sunday with Apa Sherpa

Some of you are like, who?  All you need to know about Apa Sherpa is that he holds the record for summiting Everest 21 times, and that’s more than anybody else.  After 21 trips up to the summit, Apa Sherpa noticed all the trash the well-funded adventure climbers left behind, so he spearheaded a clean-up of several tons of refuse. He also noticed the snow is melting.  Paths that were once completely snow and ice covered now show exposed rock in patches – just another depressing first-hand account of climate change from the world’s tallest peak.

Happy Birthday Super Sherpa!

Sunday with Girls

Girls returns tonight.Can it possibly live up to the expectation?I’ve OD’d on hyperbolic praise all week.And we all know 2nd seasons tend to suck. I want to believe this time it can be different. Don’t let me down Girls.

Sunday with Norman Reedus

Sunday with Ellie Goulding

Sunday with Eddie Vedder