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Last Night with Lykke Li

Hey music muffins.  Last night was all about Lykke Li and the Swedish Star didn’t disappoint.  She made us wait, but when she arrived on a sparse stage with white lights and super long black curtains, she served up the best of her 2 album catalog.What she wore?  Proving once again bodycon is dead, she appeared in a very interesting get-up indeed.  Mizz Li werked some kind of black pants (possibly a bodysuit?) with some flowy, scarvy type action.  There might have been a robe involved.  See below.  Very Stockholm.  This totally modern choice kept the focus on the music.  The hair?  Ombre bitches.The music was fantastic.  We had some serious bass moments, a dance break, some Kanye, and even a little Righteous Brothers.  She kept the energy up through the relatively short set and took off like a whirling dervish prior to breaking for the encore.  Lykke Li proved again her vocal nuance is no studio magic.  This girl can sing and she does so in an original, creative, and self-restrained way.  Her cover of Unchained Melody was enchanting perfection, and that song usually kind of annoys me.

Det bästa från hösten 2011 Couture

The sexiest suit of the Fall 2011 Couture season: Frida Gustavsson for Jean Paul Gaultier.