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Coachella Packing List Part 2

Bain de Soleil, an old skool guilty pleasure.  TapestriesFloppy Hat

Oversized ShadesCash


Top Ten Packing Essentials


Do you want to touch a floor that is not yours in bare feet?  Fucking gross yo.  Tuck an inexpensive pair of slippers in your travel case.


I’ve said it once before, but it bears repeating.  Tapestries are everything when you travel: a sheet, tent, barrier, decoration, beach blanket, light blocker; the possibilities are endless.


What do you do with all those free samples?  Take them with you when you travel, that’s what.  This gives you a chance to try new products and lightens your overall load.


Dressing in layers seems sort of obvious, but when you travel you are at the mercy of the temperature of the room you are assigned.  Consider different weight options for sleep and lounging, in addition to those you bring along for your planned activities.


I have an impossibly chic friend who wears white beautifully without ever spilling (talking to you Sam), but I am not such a person.  I’ll stain a white shirt within minutes.  When you can’t afford for a stain to show, stick with black and bang out color with mayjah accessories.


Some people preselect each outfit for each moment of each day before they pack.  This take-only-what-you-need method favors efficiency and simplicity, but doesn’t leave much room for error.  Throw a couple of extra options in the mix just in case of a layover, weather change, or needy friend.  Edit by keeping in mind that whatever you pack, you must carry.

Ear plugs

Ear plugs can mean the difference between a night of restful sleep or a night of listening to your noisy neighbors smoosh.  Travel enough and you realize that earplugs are an absolute must.


Nag Champa has popped up here before and it makes sense to throw a bundle of sticks in your bag (not loose ninny, the resin will stain your clothes).  It will evoke the essence of home and keep your garments smelling nice.

Sensible and Ridiculous shoes

You must bring shoes you can walk in, but you must also bring some showstoppers.  Nothing screams “tourist” like flip-flops at a fine dining restaurant.


Nobody really cleans anything properly, so bring some wipes and do it yourself.  Trust me, there isn’t anything in your room that would not appreciate a wipe down.

On Traveling…

As wonderful as traveling can be; it can be equally skeevy.  Protect yourself with tapestriesTapestry might be a bit of a misnomer.  We aren’t talking the woven things that hung on walls in the 15th century.  Use them for extra warmth or a barrier between you and the hotel bed.  Tapestries make the best beach blankets.  At the end of your trip, you can even bundle all your dirty laundry inside by tying the four corners together.  Once you add tapestries to your packing list you will wonder how you ever traveled without them.