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Covering Dan’s Tattoo

Demeter Clarc fan Dan wrote this week requesting advice for covering his tattoo.  First off, smooches Dan, thanks for reading.  I appreciate your kind words and your inquiry.  Second, this is challenging because I don’t have any tattoos.  My lack of ink roots back to my general policy of not making permanent decisions in my twenties, but I digress…Typically, all products recommended on Demeter Clarc are thoroughly tested in-house, but under these particular circumstances, that wasn’t possible.  After exhaustively reading hundreds of reviews from tatted folks on the quest for coverage, I have included some recommendations as requested.  While generally all of these products were very highly-reviewed, as with any product, there were mixed opinions, with some purchasers returning the product unsatisfied and others rating it five stars.  Since I cannot personally vouch for these products, take it for what it’s worth, and keep your receipt.I loathe Kat Von D.  Not just because she talks like a cross between a trucker and a valley girl, but even more so because of her recent association with that crustacean Jesse James.  Know what else is curious?  An accused Anti-Semite with ArgentineGerman roots associating with another celebrity who happens to be a swastika-enthusiast.  Read your history books kiddies if you need a refresher on Argentina’s history of harboring Nazi’s after WWII.  You are all smart enough to connect the dots.Despite my vitriol for Kunt Von D, she has two products aimed at covering tattoos: tattoo eraser and tattoo concealer.  The products are meant to be used in tandem.  First outline and fill in the tattoo with the eraser pencil, slowly layer the concealer over top, patting not blending, and then set with powder.  The pencil comes in one color and the concealer in eight different shades.  Reviewers also commented this pencil, in conjunction with almost any concealer, does wonders for dark circles, especially the impossible-to-cover genetic variety.

Ben Nye, a super well-respected make-up artist from Hollywood’s Golden Era, has a line of concealers aimed at covering tattoos completely enough to pass muster on film sets under intense lighting.  The range includes neutralizing crayons, tubs, palettes, and wheels containing several different shades.  The sheer variety available in Ben Nye’s reasonably priced line provides the best shot at a perfect skin tone match.  Of the products recommended here, I would put my money on Ben Nye. Dermablend has long been considered the gold standard for coverage in the Drag community.  The creamy, blendable consistency makes it a perennial favorite.  Dermablend is supposed to be waterproof and it pretty much is, but reviewers complained that the product transferred when brushed against fabric.There are a few other brands that popped up in my research: Tattoo Camo, Mehron, and Blood Mary.  Each of these products has certain limitations which kept me from giving them more real estate, but they may warrant your attention depending on your specific needs.With any of these products, the challenge is getting exactly the right color and finish.  This takes practice.  Be prepared to invest some time and effort into getting it just right, or don’t bother trying to conceal it all.  A poorly concealed tattoo is often worse than just letting it show.