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CHIA SEEDSI know the chia rage has been going on for a few years now, but I never really understood the fuss (and I’m skeptical of food trends – enough with the kale).  I’m not trying to spend $4 a bottle for those fancy chia drinks at Whole Foods.  On a whim, I bought a bag of chia seeds with thoughts of adding them to my muffin mix.  My first attempt at baking with chia wasn’t that successful.  I’ve since learned to soak the seeds first, so the seeds don’t soak up your liquid.  What I’ve enjoyed most is adding the seeds to my hot tea in the morning and at night.  The seeds absorb water and take on a tapioca-type consistency.  It’s tea + texture = fun.  In addition to the much-touted health benefits and impressive nutritional profile of the seed, the gelatinous mucilage creates a sensation of satiety as well as cleaning the bowels.  Known for sustaining energy, these little seeds do provide a notable lift.  I’ve integrated the fad-food into my daily routine and must admit I’m better for it.   CHIA TEA

Peach Teas

Xing Green Tea with Peach & Honey

XING PEACH GREEN TEASweet.  Peachy.  Tarty.  Dry finish.  180 calories for a monstrous 23.5 oz can.

Honest Tea Peach Oo-la-long

HONEST TEA PEACHOrganic.  Far less sweet.  Mildly peachy.  Assertive tea taste.  60 calories in 16 oz.


Major peachyness.  More juice than tea.  Super fruity and sweet.  150 calories for 13.8 oz.

Republic of Tea Ginger PeachREPUBLIC OF TEA PEACH

Strong black tea.  Caffeine kick.  Iced or hot.  Lightly bitter finish.

Teavana Peach Tranquility

Full-bodied peachy taste layered over gentle tea blend.  Superb hot/cold.  Caffeine-free.PEACH TEA

let’s picnic party


Eater’s Digest

I know a little dove who swears by Traditional Medicinals Eater’s Digest to tame his tummy troubles.  I asked him what he liked about the aperitif and he compared imbibing Eater’s Digest to savasana for your intestinal tract.  These days a walk down the tea aisle feels like a visit to the pharmacy with all the ailments the brews promise to cure, but in this instance the tea lives up to its claims.  Eater’s Digest, for when you heart someone who farts.

sleep better

Some people like massages.  Some people like expensive wine.  I like sleep.  For me it is the greatest luxury, but it can be quite elusive.  Meaningful sleep at times requires coddling, so I’m always exploring options for extending my stay in dreamland. 

Set the air conditioner temperature to chilly, open a window, or turn on a fan.  A cooler room makes for more restful sleep.  Lose the pajamas.  Try linen, bamboo, or modal sheets. Cut the data connection to the bedroom.  Seriously, isn’t it enough we have to endure the constant intrusion of cell phones on the dinner table, but the bedside table too?  Most modern cell phones emit significant light and noise even when dimmed and set to vibrate.  I know many folks use their cell phones as alarm clocks.  If you enjoy undisturbed sleep with a cell phone by your head, then no problem (other than that pesky radiation), but if you are up in the middle of the night obsessively texting and checking Facebook then that explains why you are acting like a cranky asshole during the day.

Maybe it is just psychosomatic, but I swear that I feel more ready to rest after a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea.  In times of desperation, the following options never fail:  1) a doobie, 2) an orgasm.  Try getting stoned or laid or both before popping one of those crazy and dangerous sleeping pills. 




fresh mint

Fresh mint is super healthy and easy to grow.  Just cultivate the plant in a pot rather than in the garden since it is an invasive mutherfucker.Howza ’bout some mint tea?  Boiling water + shredded fresh mint leaves + sugar + lemon to taste.  Drink hot or cold.Need a little more social lubrication with your fresh mint beverage?  Mint Julep = mint + bourbon + sugar + water.Head a little further south with the delicious-if-tired mojito = white rum +  sugar cane juice + lime juice + sparkling water + fresh mint.  Even if it isn’t that stylish anymore, I never really tire of an excellent, well-balanced mojito. When enjoying cocktails, it’s top shelf only.  More often than not, I skip the booze.  Just don’t miss the mint.  I think I’ll make it my new signature.  Just sashay over to the mint pot and tear off a few sprigs for a fresh and tasty bev.  Chic.


tidy little mango moment

I enjoy mango, but rarely achieve the magical cross hatch slice like the pros.  Fresh mangoes are so messy.  I confess sometimes I avoid the stickiness and hassle.  Today I went looking for a cherry danish, but ended up with package of organic dried mango slices instead.  I enjoyed my dried mango slices with this delightful Bigelow Green Tea with Mango; the two enhanced the best qualities in each other.  This might be my new movie snack.

Demeter Clarc Tidy Tip: klean kettle

Over time mineral deposits build up on the inside of a tea kettle which make it less efficient and visually unappealing. 

Demineralize the situation with white vinegar.

Some prefer to dilute the vinegar with water before boiling it in the kettle.  Take into account the degree of build-up and weaken or strengthen the mix accordingly.Once the vinegar reaches a boil, turn the heat down slightly to maintain a controlled bubbling.  After at least ten minutes, remove the kettle from heat and let the vinegar slightly cool.  Rather than pitching the vinegar, consider using the warm solution to clean faucets or shower heads caked with limescale.  This easy and inexpensive method leaves kettles sparkling.  Afterward, be sure to boil a few rounds of plain water to rid the kettle of any lingering vinegar taste or smell.  Coffee drinker?  Vinegar works equally well to descale coffee pots. 

Raise a Pinkie

Need a new tea for your pot?  Nothing compares to Aveda Comforting Tea.  The complex and full flavor is unparalleled. It comes loose and bagged, with loose the better value.  It is pricey; $24 for 4.9 ounces, but worth every penny.  One hundred percent certified organic peppermint and licorice anchor the blend.

This caffeine-free tea brews deliciously hot or cold.  This beverage makes the perfect accompaniment to a luxurious afternoon of gossip with the girls.