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Eater’s Digest

I know a little dove who swears by Traditional Medicinals Eater’s Digest to tame his tummy troubles.  I asked him what he liked about the aperitif and he compared imbibing Eater’s Digest to savasana for your intestinal tract.  These days a walk down the tea aisle feels like a visit to the pharmacy with all the ailments the brews promise to cure, but in this instance the tea lives up to its claims.  Eater’s Digest, for when you heart someone who farts.

tidy little mango moment

I enjoy mango, but rarely achieve the magical cross hatch slice like the pros.  Fresh mangoes are so messy.  I confess sometimes I avoid the stickiness and hassle.  Today I went looking for a cherry danish, but ended up with package of organic dried mango slices instead.  I enjoyed my dried mango slices with this delightful Bigelow Green Tea with Mango; the two enhanced the best qualities in each other.  This might be my new movie snack.

Demeter Clarc Tidy Tip: klean kettle

Over time mineral deposits build up on the inside of a tea kettle which make it less efficient and visually unappealing. 

Demineralize the situation with white vinegar.

Some prefer to dilute the vinegar with water before boiling it in the kettle.  Take into account the degree of build-up and weaken or strengthen the mix accordingly.Once the vinegar reaches a boil, turn the heat down slightly to maintain a controlled bubbling.  After at least ten minutes, remove the kettle from heat and let the vinegar slightly cool.  Rather than pitching the vinegar, consider using the warm solution to clean faucets or shower heads caked with limescale.  This easy and inexpensive method leaves kettles sparkling.  Afterward, be sure to boil a few rounds of plain water to rid the kettle of any lingering vinegar taste or smell.  Coffee drinker?  Vinegar works equally well to descale coffee pots. 

Tea Party

A good teapot is hard to find.  After an extensive search, I landed on this glass Finum Tea Control.

In addition to having an elegant pour, this well-designed teapot allows you to twist close the tea from the water when you are done steeping to control the strength of your brew.  It works with loose or bagged tea.

Even if tea isn’t your thing, this functional and elegant teapot makes a lovely gift.  It is the perfect size for an afternoon tea party for two.