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I’m not a person who traditionally invests in massages or bodywork.  Even though I recognize the value of the service, truthfully it always felt a little self-indulgent.   Recently, an interesting colleague approached me with an offer of a trade.  In exchange for instruction in my given area of expertise, she would provide bodywork – specifically craniosacral and Thai massage.  Knowing that massage is not something I’m likely to invest in of my own accord, I accepted her offer.  We’ve met consistently over the last five weeks.  I’ve noticed legitimate short-term change in my body.  If nothing else, I leave our time feeling more open, relaxed, and in a better mood. 

While lying there during our sessions, I often think about how there aren’t very many opportunities for non-sexual touch nowadays.  How often do you receive without reciprocating?  At times, I almost feel guilty savoring the utter luxury of the sensation.  Pathetically puritanical, I know.


Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: Snotty Dinner

On at least three or four occasions during the last couple months I’ve been pleasantly enjoying my dinner when one of my dining companions spoils my meal by blowing her nose at the table.  As far as table manner offenses go, blowing a huge snot wad at the table ranks right up there with picking your teeth with your fingernail.  Fucking gross yo. If your nose is running, go catch it in the bathroom.  Don’t ruin my delicious Pad Ped with your disgusting mucus flood.  Don’t top off an already revolting gesture by throwing what was once your napkin, but now your hankie, on your worked-over plate.  Seriously, a snotty dinner ain’t cute, so think before you blow your schnoz at the table.  Bon Appétit.

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