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After listening to this album several times and feeling strangely repulsed and confused, clearly the only way to process Angles is to acknowledge and accept that the boys are serving 80’s rock nostalgia.  This has got to be an homage, right? First, The Strokes do Duran Duran on Machu Picchu.  Then Tom Petty gets his due with Two Kinds Of Happiness.   The Cars pop up on Taken For A Fool.  Try and deny Billy Joel’s influence when listening to Gratisfaction.   Without mincing words, this is their least listenable album.  The record’s a disappointment – even Strokes apologists will have a hard time defending this collection of lackluster cast-aside tracks. In terms of interpersonal conflict souring creativity, The Strokes could easily become America’s equivalent to Oasis, and sadly Angles sounds like a harbinger of the band’s demise.  Gentlemen, in the future, please show us different.