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Conforming Non-Conformists

As I mentioned last week, I’m doing an intensive training this month.  I’m sleep deprived and bitter.  “The Guru” requires us to wear color. 

For this particular activity, black is better.  I actually had to go purchase some bright-ass pants for the demanding despot.  I hope that taking the assignment to the extreme will demonstrate how it is truly asinine to micro-manage grown folks’ clothing choices.  I bought some obnoxiously loud options and plan to assemble them together in a truly shocking fashion.  My intended theme is Deviant Rainbow Bright

Just in case you think I’m being cynical, the very day after the color mandate was laid down, a table full of expensive colorful clone clothing magically appeared for sale.  What needles me most is that she and her assistants do dress brightly, but they all dress exactly the same.  The theme?  Conforming non-conformity.  Let’s all dress outrageously different, but exactly the same out of some fucked up misplaced allegiance to our tribe leader.  Pass me the Kook-Aid.