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Let’s Catch Up


Sorry I’ve been kinda slackass.  I met somebody interesting, and we’ve been spending time together.  You know how it goes, girl.

VIEW PREMIEREThe “new” View sux.  I’m disoriented by the set change.  Rosie O’Donnell’s gastric sleeve operation seems to have concentrated her already abrasive nature.  I used to like her.  Now, not so much.   Whoopi seems super unhappy.  She should have accepted the contract buyout allegedly offered by the network and split to less hostile pastures.  Rosie Perez served as the least annoying addition to the stage, but her talent is wasted in this format.  I haven’t bothered to learn the Republican’s name yet.  She wears her hair in a layered bob, so that’s all I need to know about her. ROSIESI’m keeping up with the Spring 2015 RTW collections, but many have disappointed.  Bodycon’s been trending out for awhile now, but for Spring 2015 it is gone.  There were a number of voluminous and oddly shaped garments parading down the runways.  I’m all for avant-garde, but clothing must flatter first.  Distilling these trends into a wearable narrative may prove challenging. TOM FORD SPRING 2015 RTW



The Made in Chelsea gang spent the summer in NYC.  The MIC NYC finale just aired so you can bingewatch the season on 4oD.  If you are like me, you’ll have opinions about Billie.  And please note Alik’s overly passionate succubus kissing style.  He looks like he’s going to swallow little Louise whole. BILLIEOn the Diet Coke substitution tip, faithful reader Leah Love suggested Perrier as a pleasing alternative.  I’m currently investigating.  Thanks for the suggestion Mizz Love.  (((Hugs babygirl))) PERRIERWorking the next 18 days straight, so don’t assume if I’m not on the daily that I’m dickmatized.  Just working hard bitches, thanks for your patience and understanding. ♥ DCHALF ASS


on friendship: shitty, mediocre, or exemplary?

TALKING SHITSome hateful bitches are talking smack about you.  A shitty friend adds to the gossip.  A mediocre friend remains sheepishly silent.  An exemplary friend ferociously defends you. CLUELESS FALLYou trip and fall flat on your ass in front of a crowd of people.  A shitty friend laughs.  A mediocre friend backs away fearing contamination by third-party embarrassment.  An exemplary friend scoops you up, asks if you are alright, and loudly proclaims “nothing to see here” as she escorts you to the bar for a recovery drink.JENNY MCCARTHY ENGAGEDYou get engaged and share the news.  A shitty friend informs you she slept with your fiancé a few years ago.  A mediocre friend offers a bland congratulations.  An exemplary friend says “I’m so happy for you” and really means it.  DADYour Dad dies.  A shitty friends sends you a sympathetic text.  A mediocre friend sends flowers.  An exemplary friend sends weed. BAG OF WEED


I Call Bullshit on The View

After all the chatter over the weekend, Barbara had no choice but to address the rumored departures on The View.  Right at the top of the show she delegated some schticky countdown to Joy before facing the camera head-on to tackle the speculation around ElisabethBarbara then emphatically stated, “We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave the show.”  Check out the ladies’ faces; they look a little nervous and shifty do they not?  Almost as if they are covering something up…Curiously, Barbara immediately followed the declaration by saying, “Having said that to all of you, Bill and I have always said that when one of you makes the choice to leave that’s your choice and we will support your decision.”  Reading between the lines, I deduce that Hasselbeck is leaving.  They are just going to make it sound like it was Elisabeth’s idea so as to not alienate their heartland audience.  I predict by the end of the season Elisabeth will make her own announcement of imminent departure.  She’ll say she wants to spend more time with the kids or has another project lined up, but we’ll know the truth behind her exit.  A move some are saying has more to do with Frank Langella being outed as the Chicken Pox vector than it does with her political beliefs, but I ain’t one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from me.  If you need more proof, just look at how that indicating bitch is clutching to Barbara for dear life.

Barbara Walters is Annoying as Fuck

Did anybody catch The View yesterday (Monday)?  Barbara Walters returned to a fucking festival in her honor.  In case you haven’t heard, Barbara Walters got the chicken pox a few weeks ago.  (She doesn’t want to call it Shingles because you know the Shingles is something old people get and Barbara is so obviously young and vibrant and don’t you dare forget it.)  Apparently the pox caused her to get woozy at the British Ambassador’s house where she passed out and hit her head on the marble floor.  Barbara sustained a concussion, a condition she explained at length as if the majority of the audience had never heard of the rather common trauma.  Her doctors, who she tediously thanked by name on air in multiple segments, told her to rest for several weeks to recover from the head injury.  That’s where Barbara’s been.  Because the world can’t spin if Barbara isn’t present and accounted for.  The entire show dripped with sympathetic gestures towards Walters: flowers, insincere pre-taped tributes from network mates, and a standing ovation.  They even had fucking Bloomberg on, as if anyone but the two of them enjoy the Bloomberg bit.  Why do they keep doing that to Mario Cantone?  A chicken pox number, really girl?   Look I know I sound like an asshole (that’s why you’re reading right?) because she’s courting 84 years old, and I should respect my elders and shit.  I appreciate your point, but do we really need to endure this relentless jubilant return because bitch took a few weeks off for the chicken pox?  I suppose when a person has tread the Earth for that many years, she deserves a party every day.   There is something so desperate and clingy about her vise-grip control over The View Barbara exudes a palpable anxiety.  As if she misses a day, they’ll retire her ass.  Her condescending tone, botched intros, and shameless self-aggrandizing already make The View like an awkward visit to mean-Grandma’s house.  Now add in a mild closed-head injury.  Yeah, let that wash over you.


3 for Friday: Cox Blox, Skky Repurposed, Retro Zoe

Cougar Town returned, but felt like a foregone canceled conclusion.  Did you catch Courteney Cox on The View with Josh Hopkins earlier this week?  She limply pimped Cougar Town’s return with the type of enthusiasm reserved for a funeral procession.  Poor optimistic Josh carried on charming Grandma Walters and her wicked chickens as if it mattered.  

Attended the home and garden show this week.  What do we think of this stuff?  It is made of 85% recycled glass, concrete, and some other binding agents.  It is sold under a variety of different brand names as an eco-alternative to marble and granite.  It is very durable, doesn’t off-gas, and is relatively low maintenance.  It is quite pricey though at around $100 a square foot installed.In a reality rewind, I’m getting ready to have laser corrected vision surgery which got me in the mood to watch Jessica and Nick on the Newlyweds.  Remember the episode when Jessica and Casey get Lasik and then hit Red Robin?  Anyway, I’m watching season 1 and low and behold if the self-anointed Queen of Style Rachel Zoe isn’t a lowly wardrobe assistant rushing over to blanket a whining Jessica Simpson in a plush bath robe between takes.  Best retro background sighting of the week.  In the same season background scenery, catch an even-leathery-back-then Robin Antin and Mikey Minden as a curly-tressed neophyte choreographer.

Sunday with Whoopi Fucking Goldberg

Joyful Matrimony?

Anybody else find it suspicious that after over 29 years of marriage resistance Joy married Steve two days before View tablemate Sherri Sheperd got hitched?  After decades of cohabitation, the pair could not wait a few more days to avoid stealing Sherri’s thunder?  Was this intentionally bitchy or just bad form?

Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: Interruption

Unfortunately, most of us interrupt each other.  Are we too impatient to wait for the end of a sentence?  Cutting a person off mid-statement ranks among the most common discourtesies.  This pervasive conversation derailment immediately creates a negative impression and inevitably offends the interrupted.  The rude intrusion suggests the interrupter would rather hear his or her own voice than listen.  That’s a pretty arrogant and unlikable position.  In an ongoing quest for self-mastery and improvement, I promise to work on this.  Agree?


It’s hard to know where to start with Bridesmaids, the ebulliently received new comedy co-written by and staring Kristen WiigA particularly brilliant performance by Melissa McCarthy elevates the unevenly funny writing.  In fact, several cameos by talented comics pepper the movie, including one from co-writer Annie Mumolo as a panicking nervous flier. Wiig admitted on The View that the big gross-out humor scene was added just prior to shooting.  This raises questions about who exactly thought shit and puke were a necessary addition to a film about grown women in their thirties.  Despite the requisite bodily function detour, these talented ladies make the most of the juvenile tack-on. With this group of girls, wallowing isn’t allowed.  Wiig and Mumolo wisely isolated the sweetness to the baking montages and the corniness to the Wilson Phillips number.  Congratulations Ladies, Bridesmaids deserves an epic opening weekend.