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June 2012 Horoscope


Happy Birthday GeminiGemini benefits from much energetic momentum in June, making this the time to pursue self-improvement with abandon.  Expansion is your theme over the next twelve months.  Go Big – not only in your actions, but in your perspective and world view.  Abandon the myopia for the panorama.  Gemini gets lucky in June, and you may experience an unexpected windfall.  Embrace adventure and travel, submerge yourself in new experiences, and you will grow.  Venus brings favorable cash flow; just don’t let Jupiter’s energy seduce you in to overspending.  Your best advice and support will come from women this month.  Attached Geminis see an uptick in romance; single twins are especially attractive and may find themselves courting several interesting offers.  Been awhile since you tweaked your appearance?  Now is the time for an upgraded personal image.  Start at the gym.  A geographic move is likely – to a new home or new locale, and you will find the transition physically taxing.  The move is a foundational step in shifting your life path.  The challenges that come with this transition are part releasing old patterns.  Change requires struggle, but ultimately you will be deeply satisfied with your choices.


Cancers can’t decide in June and find themselves pulled in a variety of directions by a number of competing interests.  What the fuck do you want Crab?  Well you just aren’t sure.  That doesn’t mean someone else should make the decision.  Already moody, Cancers behave even more mercurially this month.  This is likely to drive everyone around you nuts.  Turn the volume down on the drama and realize other people have shit going on too.  When the temper flares, go to bed.  You need extra rest this month to feel truly restored.  Make psychological and emotional space for others.  Break bad habits and stop making excuses for lousy and destructive behavior.  June is not the time to pursue romance, though you will be tempted to allow dalliances to distract you from what you really need to accomplish.  Consider whether the responsibilities that are being thrust upon you by others are legitimately yours to bear.


Lovely Leos shine socially this June by enjoying friends, family, and parties.  Not all the parties will be the keg and eightball variety; some events function as important networking opportunities.  Make sure you know the difference between the two.  June brings an emphasis on technology and collaboration for Leos.  Use the energy from these partnerships to push past procrastination.  Keep an easygoing attitude and respond with agility to unexpected influences.  Several new avenues present themselves to Leos in June, and frankly the options are yours for the taking.  Choose a path that propels you forward, but avoid impulsivity.  Rest up and eat well; June brings a number of physical demands that will require your full strength.


Virgos must abandon their unrealistic idealism about their central relationship in June.  Get real and take your partner off the pedestal.  Examine intentions from all sides.  Forcefully defend your power; compromise it for no one.  Virgos fight for recognition this month and are acutely aware of their perceived reputation and image.  Insecurity surfaces when dealing with superiors or officials.  This uncertainty causes discomfort as you are unaccustomed to feeling threatened by much.  You may find yourself behaving inappropriately.  Stay focused on a clear direction to withstand scrutiny.  Remain future-oriented when setting goals.  You cannot change what is done.  Set aside extra funds this month to deal with unexpected vehicle expenses.


Even more impatient with the daily grind, Libras feel like hitting the road this month for fun adventure and travel.  A trip provides a valuable change in perspective, so don’t let anyone convince you that a getaway is frivolous.  You benefit from the advice and guidance of a facilitator and also pay it forward by sharing your wisdom with others.  Libras expand academically through education either online or abroad.  This investment enhances your marketability and will benefit you materially.  Now is the time to share your big ideas as others will be open to receiving your novel concepts.  Don’t dampen your creative thinking – your ideas, however unorthodox, have substantial merit.  Dig deep and find the courage to bring your subconscious wish to the forefront.


Scorpios feel cautious in June and find it necessary to weigh every angle of all the options.  While you are adept at analysis, the tedium of the constant mental chatter is wearing thin.  Ask yourself the hard questions and then make a decision.  Onwards and upwards is the theme of the month.  Scorpios get especially tuned in to the energy of others and it can affect your moods.  Not every burden is yours to carry.  To get along with those you rely on you must compromise.  The success of your partnership depends on it.  Seek confidential advice from experts.  Organize your home, get rid of clutter, and let go of what is not relevant.


Get in the mix Sag; surround yourself with your favorite people and have a good time.  Host a party and bring the summer to life.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised in all the ways the socializing pays off.  Sags grow closer to family now too.  Some of you may be contemplating an engagement.  As for communication, disagreements arise.  Use them as opportunities to clarify your own ideas.  Get off your ass and take dynamic action toward a fucking direction in life.  Make pivotal decisions about where you are headed and then take decisive action. Find a comfortable place to live between hastiness and procrastination.


Caps learn useful new skills on their feet in June.  All this training requires immense energy, so you better get your ass in shape.  Much of this month you are mired in detail.  You may be reviewing documents or managing a project.  Through work, a romantic opportunity will arise.  Treat the situation with sensitivity.  In fact, sprinkle a little more compassion throughout all your relationships.  Try to have some fun this summer.  Surround yourself with easy-going folks and relax.


June is a fun and frivolous time for Aquarius.  You embrace spontaneity and interesting opportunities.  Your vibrant life has everyone talking.  Now is the time to shine.  Glow even brighter in the presence of animals and children.  Bask in your energy and enthusiasm, but remain cautious.  This isn’t the time for big risks.  June will bring a wicked flirtation which only adds fuel to your energetic fire.  Whether you take it further or not, the attention provides a nice little buzz through August.


Pisces feel extra creative and compassionate under Neptune’s influence, but watch your tendency towards escapism.  Social opportunities abound this summer, so take the time to connect with people and make new friends.  This will keep you from isolating.  If you want to spend time alone, do so outside with your hands and feet in the dirt.  Pisces value parental advice and your folks influence your decision-making this summer.  Even with their counsel, you’ll still rely mainly on your gut instinct when navigating the choppy waters.


Aries find themselves on the go this June with many social opportunities arising through the month.  With the flurry of activity and demands on your time you may feel as overwhelmed as an unmedicated Britney.  Wisely choose where to allot your energy.  Your time is best spent devoted to siblings, your nearest friends, and creative endeavors.  A patient attitude will foster support and encouragement from others and allow you to mend fences in relationships stressed by conflict.  Venus frees up the lines of communication and provides an extra level of persuasiveness for you to tap.  Planetary shifts bring communication and self-expression to the forefront over the next year.  Before you begin a new phase, you must complete your current path.  In relation to health and the daily grind, Aries feel frustrated, taxed and annoyed.  Stagnant energy creates health problems for you.  Keep it moving.


Bulls struggle with feelings of insecurity.  No matter their financial achievement, no amount of money in the bank is ever enough to quell the ever-present anxiety.  During June you’ll focus on attainment, maintenance, and protection of your assets.  You may decide to let some things go.  Make sure what you do acquire is practical.  Rather than fixate on what isn’t, grow something that is tangible.  A garden is a great idea for you to pursue.  Plant in the dirt, cultivate, and harvest.  Recognize you can find security in producing a tangible asset that isn’t cash.  A fantastic nurturer, you may discover an unknown talent for gardening.  Those in partnerships need to find a way to work together with regard to managing wealth; by doing so, both will prosper.  For Taurus the easy part is making money and the harder part is making compromises with another.

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