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Wednesday’s Watercooler

AHS THE COVEN VOODOOFinally, the Coven gathers tonight.  Let the stylized ritual killings of teenage girls begin!    AHS COVEN PROMOKRIS AND BRUCE BITTERNESSI am embarrassed to admit I am little sad over the inevitable Bruce and Kris divorce news.  I find the whole Kardashian sham oddly comforting.  The fuzzy edged intersection between orchestrated and organic in this family still fascinates me a little.KARDASHIAN JENNERBETHENNY AND ELLENIf you want to see her trainwreck of a talk show, better get to Bethenny before she gets cancelled.  Almost everyday a new story surfaces from a new unnamed source talking smack about all the backstage drama.  We hear the ratings are crap, Bethenny can’t book guests (ya’ll Jill Zarin and Alex McCord allegedly turned her down), and there’s even chatter Ellen wants her named dropped from Bethenny’s credits.  The pervasive negative press proves she’s obviously pissed off a disloyal member of her camp who continues to leak stories to fan the fire.  Good thing she has all that booze money to cushion her fall from daytime. BETHENNY NO


A Week away is Halloween Day

Halloween is just a week away, so it is officially time to start panicking over a costume.  Beware of these common dress-up blunders to avoid humiliation, mockery, and generally making an ass of yourself this year.

Don’t go too slutty.  Did we learn anything from Kelly Taylor’s turn as a slutty witch on that classic Halloween episode of BH 90210?  Don’t be a desperate shivering bitch tromping around in next-to-nothing.  Halloween is not an excuse to act out your deepest exhibitionist fantasy in public.  Go with a clever rather than cooter-revealing costume to elicit legit attention.  On this same tip, dressing up as Snooki is so 3 years ago and totally forbidden.Don’t overly complicate.  Returning to BH 90210, (where all of life’s most essential lessons are learned), don’t pull a Donna Martin mermaid moment and wear some get-up that restricts basic mobility.  Everyone will snicker behind your back and it smacks of over-effort. On the other end of the spectrum, Don’t go too cutesy.  The most successful costumes frighten, disguise, imitate, or evoke humor.  If you wanna go pretty-pretty princess, throw on an old prom dress, pour fake blood over your head, and go as Carrie

Sunday with True Blood

Tonight.  True Blood.Season 4 Premiere.Will it suck?

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Call the coven, it is a very witchy time in the world.  In a magical and rare coincidence, the lunar eclipse coincides with the Winter Solstice this evening.  Not since 1638 have the two events intersected.  Depending on where you are geographically situated in North America, you can catch a glimpse of the galactic display begining between 11:30ish p.m. and 1:30ish a.m.